Introduction to the real me

Have you ever had a vision of how you wanted something to turn out, and no matter what you did you just couldn’t turn that vision into a reality? As a grandiose dreamer, that tends to be a problem for me more often than not. When I imagine things coming together so perfectly in my head it seems very easy and realistic.

Back in 2013, I began pursuing my passion for naturopathic medicine. I started this website with the intent to share insights all along the way. I dreamed of reaching thousands of people, and perhaps even inspiring them to take their health into their own hands.  I wrote many posts, but published very few of them. Out of determination to make them perfect (and a few personal fears I couldn’t overcome) I failed to make my own dream come true. Then, a technical difficulty triggered an ugly chain of events, and I lost all of my site data from the last 3 years – forcing me to start over.

Fortunately, I have learned a very important lesson over the last couple years of my journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor… no one is EVER perfect! I have learned to accept that I know more today than I did yesterday, but I know less today than I will tomorrow. Therefore, I will share with you what I know today, but that knowledge will almost certainly evolve over time. Just as long as I give today my best, I think that’s what really matters.

So, there you have it. What you see on this website is the real me, imperfections and all; but I’m here because I may know something that could help you. In turn, you may know something that could help me. Let’s enjoy this imperfect journey and progress in health, wellness and simplicity together.

Yours truly,


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